Sydney children kidnapped by Lebanese film crew

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Let’s start by saying that the headline is complete fiction, but think about it for a second.

Imagine a Sydney grandmother collecting her young grand children from school and waiting at a bus stop on their way home. A black SUV pulls up and a group of burly foreign men get out, attack her, grab the kids and speed off.

This would make for one of the biggest stories since the Lindt Cafe siege, so forget about watching tonight’s episode of My Kitchen Rules or the Big Bang Theory.

Then we find the arrangers of the abduction were a media company from Lebanon that had paid a shady English company to do their dirty work on behalf of the children’s father. Might it be possible that people in Australia would want this crew locked up and the key thrown away?

Don’t be ridiculous, no media company would be stupid enough to get involved in a situation like that. Ummmm……yep, this is the exact position Channel 9 has got itself into in Lebanon.

Now, I know very little about the welfare of the children over there, or who is telling the truth about the how they came to be there. But, one thing I do know is that Australia’s highest rating television network should probably steer clear of involvement in the kidnapping of children in foreign countries.

Part of the justification for this seems to be that the children are with their father and not their mother. And that they are in Lebanon and not Australia.

Should Channel 9 be passing judgement on which parents children should reside with? Or, which country that they live in?

– James

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