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Forest Lake Shopping Centre Rebranding

Forest lake Shopping Centre is located in the heart of the vibrant community of Forest Lake in suburban Brisbane, and is home to a large variety of large and small retailers. We were tasked with updating their branding.

The rebranding of Forest Lake Shopping Centre needed to achieve numerous goals, including modernising their branding while also bringing it into line with the numerous other shopping centres that are part of the QIC portfolio. Yet at the same time we also needed to give the centre it’s own unique identity, while also incorporating elements of their previous established branding which the community was familiar with.

In order to achieve this we started with the logo, which was redesigned to to fit in with the other QIC centres. The other design elements, such as the use of circles, is what was used to give Forest Lake Shopping Centre it’s own unique identity, and the branding a more modern, dynamic look to it. The teal colour was kept from their previous branding in order for it to be still easily identifiable to the local customers.