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MidCity ‘Are You In?’ Campaign

Situated in the heart of Sydney’s bustling Pitt Street Mall, MidCity wished to launch an eye-catching new campaign to establish itself and increase awareness of the centre and it’s great retailer mix.

Our aim was to create a fun, exciting personality for MidCity in order to forge a refreshed connection with it’s customers, and then push this personality through a strong tagline combined with visually striking images.

The ‘Are you In?’ tagline was created to engage the target audience in a tongue-in-cheek manner, almost directing asking them – ‘Are you in?’ in relation to what’s on offer at the centre, which includes a strong fashion focus, a gym and café, located in the heart of the Sydney CBD. The imagery for this campaign was intended to be eye-catching in order to gain the attention of the customer. The style of photography is quirky, contemporary and engaging, combined with vibrant coloured backgrounds and bold shadows.

In order to establish the campaign we produced in-centre posters, decals, hanging banners. From there the campaign was used on buses and trains travelling in and around the Sydney CBD in order to spread awareness amongst MidCity’s customers.